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Here there be dragons by LilleahWest
Here there be dragons
Folsom ren fair lats weekend, I revived my old dragon mask I made and altered it to better suit my glasses and to have a shorter muzzle so I would not need a jaw piece.

This is the only "use your own eyes" mask I have made
Mooose WIP by LilleahWest
Mooose WIP
 I think the head shape is better now, I also shaved a half inch off the overall size and started the frame for the antlers.

I think the bases of the antlers are a bit low but I did what I had to do to make the antlers removable.

I wanted to make the antlers super huge but decided against it because I did not want to make the suit a nuisance to own and antlers much bigger than this would complicate shipping, transport and performance.

Moose antlers vary A LOT, after much study I decided upon my favorite look and decided to do the really branchy spikey kind that also have the almost-normal-deer antler bits near the face.
Does this look like a Moose? (help) by LilleahWest
Does this look like a Moose? (help)
EDIT: FIXED IT <da:thumb id="490126092">

 - - - - - - - -

I am feeling a bit art-blocky, moose are just so freaken strange looking compared to other things I have built that my muse is confused! So I figured it would be best to post this for public scrutiny on if I have the shape and symmetry right on this before I move forward.
(I know the eyebrow circles of foam are crooked, will fix)

I worry it looks like a horse with a big droopy nose... granted I told that to my sister and she says that what moose are so maybe this sculpt is correct?

I am not going for 100% real but "characterized real" like the gray deer, so the eyebrow area is over exaggerated.

I also, once again, worry about the size, granted moose do have big heads and the customer is tall and not twiggy, plus I plan to pad out the chest and shoulders on the suit so the body will be quite bulky... (I know my heads have been a bit on the big side as of late, but I really would rather have them be a bit too big than too small)

And as a bonus have some Raskle cleaning himself X3
All Hallows Fantasy Fair by LilleahWest
All Hallows Fantasy Fair
If you would like to see the public debut of the first quadsuit I have made in years then get your butt to Sonora California this weekend ;)
Gray Deer by LilleahWest
Gray Deer
I really do love deer, working on this guy reminded me that while I have thing for antlers in general (they are just such awesome looking neat feats of nature) I also love the long sleek faces and large ears n eyes of what I call "standard deer" (the likes of fallow, mule and whitetail)

This customer's design is a mix of whitetail deer and caribou, hence the mix of sleek and fluffy fur.
I got to invent the antlers myself doing a double-stacked whitetail rack since caribou antlers have a rack of points near their head and then a branch of points above their head.

The antlers are super lightweight and removable, vision is out the neck, the ears are on springs so they wiggle, the body has removable padding via stuffing pockets, and the head is fan-cooled.
I ended up hand-sewing most the body to assure the markings lined up via minimal seam allowance.

Everything here is hand crafted myself except the feet hooves as those are from DVC
SO the person who was going to go with me and split the cost can no longer come.

Fake fur in the LA Fashion district is half what it is online and once you ad online shipping costs going to LA is even more worth it as the cost of the trip itself is the same as online shipping costs and you still get the fur for half as much, and they have SO MUCH there you cannot get online!

I will be staying 1 night between November 3rd and November 9th, exact night is to be decided with whoever is coming with me. i was told to avoid weekends as some places are closed.

We would leave Sacramento 7-8am and it is a 6 hour drive. I don't care how farm me you live as longas you can meet at my place, and unless you live right off the freeway we'd be taking to LA I cannot pick you up.

We would do initial shopping that day till they close at 5, stay the night, shop again the next day, then drive home no later than 5.

I can stay 2 nights IF the person I go with wants to site-see or shop more and fully pays for hotel for the second night, as it stands I can afford to split gas and one night hotel, which comes to roughly $100 each if split 2 ways.


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Aka Beastcub
United States
Below is a link to my site, you will find my commission info as well as how to contact me about a costume.

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there is a fur site list here…
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