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I will give you three guesses who is too sick to work/exist today!
go ahead, guess, while you guess I will go boil up some lipton chicken noddle soup (growing up my sis and I called it skinny noodle soup, and ramen was long noddle soup)

...damn cold, the worst part is my ears plug up when I blow my nose and I get dizzy
I love making hoofed things most of all, and I love making neck-vision suits... and in recent times I have decided that with the exception of bovine and swine all hoofed animal suits will be neck-vision suits.

I have also decided that wiggle ears will only be for neck-vision suits as I have difficulty mounting the springs otherwise.

Neck-vision suits allow me to capture the proper shape/long faces, the side-facing eyes and long necks of most hoofed breeds.

Bovine and swine get exempt because of their lack of upward neck/long neck and more stout faces, I believe I can still capture their shape with vision out the eye area and that I can still place the eyes sideways enough to not read as "predatory" which is a pet-peeve I have of some hoofed animal suits (front mounted eyes are for predators)

 I can also mount the wide bases of bull horns on a eye-vision head and have them be stable and removable... which is not the case with antlers and antelope horns which are narrow and more upward facing. Antlers and most horns are best done as pegs that slide into a head, something that can only be done with a neck-vision head.

So if you would like a future hoofed animal fursuit from me do keep in mind that while I am very likely to choose you as part of my next commission list I am most likely going to insist on it being a neck-vision head.
Luckily I am not prone to migraines but last night's faint headache at 8pm became quite a bit worse by 11pm, and despite taking Excedrin Migraine my headache still made it hard to sleep at 1am, and by 3am became so severe it woke me up and kept me up till near 6am when it finally subsided enough for me to sleep till almost 3pm (vs my normal 11am) and it has been faintly lingering since I woke up and has stayed with me all day.

So today was a crap work day :/

I was supposed to finish a head today but instead all I did was cut out a tail and just booooo I need to woooork hard but I caaaaannn't fooocusss wooorth shiiiit, certainly cannot focus enough to properly glue down a sewn face skin as that is delicate work and I dare not try it as I will surely F-up.

I feel so laaaaaaaaame

(at least I did not dream about my teeth falling out again like the other night...)
... maybe the incoming storm will live up to the hype the news is giving it after all?

ANYWAY my area is expecting a big storm to blow in overnight and hang around til the weekend, lots of rain and high wind. The news keeps talking about the extreme wind and how the power could go out, I do not own a mobile device so if this happens I get exiled from the internet... so if you loose contact with me assume my power is out.
Being in an older part of town (my house is going on 90) we tend to loose power easily... so yay storm coming... ugh no....

Also if the power stays out for a good length of time my work gets for the most part screwed over as I need good light, a sewing machine, and a hot glue gun to do most my work. I have a limited amount of stuff I could do if the power is out during the day, and I can do little to nothing if it happens at night.

... which it REALLY WOULD SUCK to loose power right now since I have been in kind of a work funk the past few days trying to put along doing various bits of prep-work waiting on supplies to get going on my main project of focus, and that only came today. So here I am, in high work mode, eager to get shit done, and my power may go out.

I also needed to friggen do some plastidip work and I can't do that in the rain (has to be outside, stuff is fumey as hell) so the hooves are gonna have to wait now...

I know California needs rain hardcore but I haaaate winter...

I relate to this comic, namely to the last part as I do not reply to certain emails ("I am ten yars old cans I buy a fursuit for $20 since I am smalll and yong and have no monye") and I am often brief when I do reply BUT it is because I feel like this guy about email -__-;…
I will give you three guesses who is too sick to work/exist today!
go ahead, guess, while you guess I will go boil up some lipton chicken noddle soup (growing up my sis and I called it skinny noodle soup, and ramen was long noddle soup)

...damn cold, the worst part is my ears plug up when I blow my nose and I get dizzy


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Aka Beastcub
United States
Below is a link to my site, you will find my commission info as well as how to contact me about a costume.

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Are the realistic wolf costume commisions closed?
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Beastcub so awesome to see/meet you at all hallows eve fantasy faire in Sonora. You are a great inspiration to me as a new fursuit artist :)
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Love the furries
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Hey Beastcub! I was just wondering if you had any plans to go to a con next year. Just wondering because I would love to meet you(in costume or not) at someplace like Sac Anime Winter or something like that. :3 Just kind of curious .3.
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hey are you open for commissions???
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Hey, quick question, do happen to know where I can get like 5 yards of short white fur?
Im making a dragon quadsuit and all I have left to hunt down is white fur.
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